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Income Report #1 - August 2016

From now on, and inspired by True Valhalla, I'll be publishing a fully transparent monthly income report which documents my online earnings.

These income reports will demonstrate my progress, share experiences, and motivate others & myself who want to make money making games, online.

Goals & Expectations

My main Goal is to make a decent living from this (which should be a minimum of $1500 for me).

From this month's experience, I expect to be working really hard if I want to be able to reach more than $2000 each month.

What I did in August

This month was really tough. I nearly had no money right in the middle of the month and I had spent half of it into a Game Project that wasn't working well.

I ended up making a new HTML5 Multiplayer Game called, selling that and another one, and also doing Freelance work for a few clients, to end with an income of $2,026.

I am now developing 2 more HTML5 Multiplayer Game Projects. Expected to be ready for publishing at the middle of September.

Time Management

I worked 72 productive hours this month. 10 of them were dedicated to client projects, and took 11/31 days off.

Other Stuff

I was out for the #LDJAM36 which I lived in an event called GameBossJAM, placed in Zaragoza, Spain. Where I developed No Man's Sky 2D, in less than 48h.

I am currently playing World of Warcraft: Legion, watching Cosmos and One Day was the best movie I saw this month.


The games I develop were played a total of 88,427 times.


The traffic to my HTML5 Games is growing. Considering that I started making them 3 months ago, and back then I had 0 plays.

Income Report

During August 2016 I earned $2,026 solely online. As this is the first month since I started taking it seriously, I can't compare it to past months, but this section will have comparisons next month.


This was my first good month. It didn't start as good as it ended up looking tho, and I'm very confident on making more money next month!
Things are growing in a stable way and I'm getting to know great new people to work with.

What's Next?

I will be releasing 2 more HTML5 Multiplayer Games on September, and I'm already thinking on more projects for October. I am more than ready to work hard to make new deals and friends!

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