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Income Report #2 - September 2016

Each month, I publish fully transparent monthly income reports which demonstrate my online earnings.
I write them to motivate myself & others on this big journey, and I also use them to share experiences.

Continue reading to see how I did this past month of September!

What I did in September

This was a game-breaking month;
My whole game-making plans have been broken by the Engine I currently use to develop my games. Unity 5 was my engine of choice to make HTML5 Games.

The problem is that, if what you want to make is slightly complex, or uses 3D, you're gonna have a really bad time.

First off, Unity's WebGL build sizes are too big, and loading times exceed the 2 minutes time mark, typically.

When you want to make money from HTML5 Games, you need to ensure that your games load up fast enough. Frequent Game Portal players want to play almost as soon as they click on your game.

Performance in Unity is also really bad if you're creating 3D Games, which by the way, get played more times because they are more visually appealing than plain 2D Games on the web.

Long story short, I realized that I needed to switch to a better, faster, lighter Game Engine.

However, I still developed 3 games this month, two of them are Multiplayer. The other is a casual game that you can already see in my new site's section Buy HTML5 Games.

The multiplayer games I developed this month, however, are still very young, and as I am not happy with the results, my plan is to port them to the Engine that I'll be working with from now on. That is why I'm not going to talk about them yet. However, if you follow me on Twitter, you will have probably seen a few gifs of both.

Aside from being highly discouraged by Unity, this was a very good month of contact-making. I got to know two more publishers interested in getting licenses for my games.

The Transitional Step

As I already said, I was really discouraged by Unity this month.

Due to this, I decided to switch to a better, faster, and lighter Engine.

I got to test Game Maker, Superpowers and

Every one of them had their pros and cons, GameMaker has a huge community and there's well known developers who have been able to start and develop their business with it. But I didn't find myself enjoying working with it.

Superpowers, on the other hand, is still very young and is missing lots of features. It is also slow to load up games, but I am pretty sure it will improve with time. And I will try it again in the future.

Finally, is really powerful and there's already lots of games using it. But I didn't completely like it, it is more of a framework, not an engine, so it's missing features that make your life easier, like an Editor.

My final decision was to go with PlayCanvas. It is web-based, so there's no need to install anything, you can work with it wherever you want to. Its Interface is also very similar to Unity's, so that's made it really quick to grab for me.

PlayCanvas is still not so known, but from my starting experience, I can already ensure that my games will now provide better gaming experiences to my players, and because of that, will also be easier to license with HTML5 Games Publishers.

I also got to talk with PlayCanvas CEO Will Eastcott, who has welcomed me with response to all of my doubts and with tips to make my game making with their engine easier.

Time Management

I worked 111 hours this month. 98 of them were dedicated to client projects, and took 12/31 days off.

Other Stuff

The 11st of September was my birthday! I already turned 21 years old.

I also moved to a new flat here in Barcelona, and set up a new home office:

As you can see, I am still building IKEA furniture!

I am currently playing Rocket League, watching Z Nation and Middle Men was the best movie I saw this month.


The games I develop were played a total of 58,298 times.

58,298 (-30,129)
10 (+10)
233 (+56)

The traffic to my HTML5 Games is going down, unsurprisingly. The current load times for my games is too big, and performance is bad. I hope to have ported my games to PlayCanvas next month, and see if that makes the numbers grow!

Income Report

During September 2016 I earned $3,063 solely online. Up $1,037 from last month.

I also have decided to include my job's expenses from now on, so you can see the clean total that I actually can spend from my income.

I have only included taxes and self-employment fee this month. But I will also include server costs for my Multiplayer Games starting next month!


I worked really hard for a new client this month, that translated into some good money coming from them. I am really happy to be able to help them deliver Mobile Games, and I'm willing to continue to work with them, they're a great company!

I also managed to sell three game licenses to my newly made publisher contacts, althought I was paid really low for them because of the current state of those games. (Again, this will change soon, thanks to PlayCanvas).

What's Next?

I want to get used to PlayCanvas, so next month I'll spend my time on porting games to that Engine and trying to license them for a higher price to other publishers.
It should be fairly easy, as after ported, the games should load up 43 times faster, have 4 times better performance, and be 21 times lighter.

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