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Income Report #3 - October 2016

Each month, I publish fully transparent monthly income reports which demonstrate my online earnings.

I write them to motivate myself & others on this big journey, and I also use them to share experiences.

Continue reading to see how I did the past month of October!

What I did in October

I dedicated this month to fully organize myself and start to learn how to properly use PlayCanvas as my new HTML5 Game Engine.

To be honest; I am having lots of fun with it and I want to start publishing games as soon as possible! But I am still sharpening my dev-knives to get a high quality game out there! It's gonna be great.

It was hard for me at first, coming from Unity, I am used to a lot of easyness. The good thing is that I'm getting more deep into true JavaScript and I'm loving it!

There is not too much to say about this Month, because I worked very little time, and spent a lot of it going out, playing games and building game ideas on my mind so I can later on make prototypes with PlayCanvas and see if they are actually viable.

Time Management

I worked 50 hours this month. 46 of them were dedicated to client projects, and took 21/31 days off.

Other Stuff

I got a new car!

It is not exactly new (actually 16 years old), but I have been a big fan of Japanese cars like the Nissan GTR and I was in love with the Toyota Celica that I couldn't resist to buy it, given the fact that my old car broke down this month.

I am currently playing Battlefield 1, watching Bojack Horseman and The Big Short was the best movie I saw this month.


The games I develop were played a total of 10,638 times.

10,630 (-47,668)
15 (+5)
318 (+85)

The traffic to my HTML5 Games is dying.

The biggest part of the traffic was coming from, and since I sold it and the company isn't doing anything with it at the moment, the statistics are basically dead.

I will be launching 2 new games this month, with playcanvas, which should grow up the traffic by far, a lot.

Income Report

During October 2016 I earned $1,910 online. Down $1,152 from last month.


This month was dedicated almost exclusively to learning. No new games, only prototypes, fails and trials.

The money earned this month was only thanks to some freelance work and licenses sold for old games that I made in the past.

I wanted to port my games to PlayCanvas but that is simply not going to happen; I feel like I have better concepts that deserve to see the light of the day.

I also failed to earn my $1,500 minimum mark (after taxes), so this is not a month I'm happy with. But well, I spent a lot of time off work, so this is to be expected.

What's Next?

I want to release two new multiplayer HTML5 games that I'm developing using PlayCanvas this month.

I am pretty sure that you'll love 'em!

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