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Income Report #4 - November 2016

Each month, I publish fully transparent monthly income reports which demonstrate my online earnings.

I write them to motivate myself & others on this big journey, and I also use them to share experiences.

Continue reading to see how I did the past month of November!

What I did this month

This month has been the best (not financially), but let me explain:

I've finally got used to PlayCanvas! It was hard times for me, because of having to learn an entire new workflow with the engine & javascript, but it is done, I've finally reached a point where I'm comfortable with it!

I spent almost the entire month developing my first PlayCanvas multiplayer game: Blast Arena - which is a 3D modern bomberman game, had lots of fun making it, and even now it's launched as Open Beta, so meant to improve over time!

This has been my first true multiplayer experience. Since I had to code my own servers (back in Unity I used Photon Networking, which handled all the load, hosting, datacenters.. etc), and I'm going to talk to you about them.

First off, as I was coming from a C# coding background, so I didn't feel confident enough to write a Server in JavaScript, that's why I decided to go with this C# WebSocket lib.

This worked pretty fine doing local tests and during the whole's game development. But once I started doing LIVE tests on Linux OS VPS's provided by OVH, I started seeing flaws.

I fixed the critical ones and opened the game as Open Beta. I needed real action to see if the servers would hold tight.

Doing minimal promotion, the Game was getting attention, mostly from, which has been a great partner!

In just matter of two days I already got +40,000 plays, and that was awesome, given the fact that my HTML5 Games traffic was dying, completely.

But suddenly, while I was monitoring the servers through PuTTY, I started to see them crash, over and over, and throw unreadable exceptions (this is because I was running C#.NET code into a Linux OS over mono).

After many commits to try and fix the issues I realized it was a mono socket memory leak problem, and tried to seek out some help from other devs. But time was running fast, and the initial experience of my players was horrible. With constant disconnects and me trying to hold up the servers. It was hell.

Too many tries, too many time lost. I decided to dump my C# servers and try out Socket.IO.

I spent two days porting my servers to JS with, but when I finally pushed an update and configured the servers in matter of seconds, I saw myself resting, without the servers going down ever again, and many WebSocket glitches automatically fixed.

It was a hard and quick decision, but I am told that I'm good working under heavy pressure.

The servers are now fully operative and I keep on improving them, all while I continue to see the game grow - it's getting addictive!

I think the key for this game is how quick it loads, because even after several days of constant server downtimes, the players could just hit F5 and wait a split second for the game to connect again.

With that all said, I can tell you that I'm now a full JS game developer, and I think I've waited too much to make a decision that really has just been beneficing, not only to me, but to my community.

Time Management

I worked 180 hours this month. fully dedicated to Blast Arena, and took 6/31 days off.

Other Stuff

The Cat I adopted about two months ago is growing up healthy.

I bought a Wii U, am currently playing Mario Kart 8, watching The Walking Dead and Apollo 13 was the best movie I saw this month.


The games I develop were played a total of 49,532 times, and for the first time ever, the Avg session duration is growing up!

49,539 (+37,038)
22 (+7)
363 (+45)

The traffic to my HTML5 Games is growing back up very fast, and I've got a new partner which will help me distribute Blast Arena to the big masses! The report for the next month might be surprising. I can't wait!

100% of the traffic is coming from Blast Arena, as it's the only game I currently own.

My plan was to launch two PlayCanvas games this month, but due to server problems, I couldn't. I should launch another game next month If I want this business to go back up again!

Income Report

During November 2016 I earned $298.65 online. Down $1,611.35 from last month.

Financially, I'm feeling awful.

As you can see, I turned out to lose money this month, mostly because I didn't earn almost anything, and because Blast Arena required the PlayCanvas Fee & Servers investment.

While this month really was bad as a business, I feel like December is changing things (it better be!)


I launched Blast Arena, which is in Open Beta and available for everyone to try out and give feedback!

For the second time in two months, I also failed to earn my $1,500 minimum mark (after taxes), and not only that. I lost money, so this month was awful, financially.

Now it's time to finish up Blast Arena, continue distributing it, and see if it generates enough revenue to cover its production costs!

You know, when you finish developing a game, it's not over, you've just done 50% of the work. You've got to promote and distribute it, the so called marketing, which is the other half. And only if you do both correctly, you'll end up earning money for your hard work!

What's Next?

I will fully finish Blast Arena, distribute it on +500 sites with the help of my new partner, and after that, I'll start developing a fairly simple but addicting multiplayer game with PlayCanvas again!

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