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Income Report #5 - December 2016

Each month, I publish fully transparent monthly income reports which demonstrate my online earnings.

I write them to motivate myself & others on this big journey, and I also use them to share experiences.

Continue reading to see how I did on the last month of 2016!

What I did this month

This month was like a bucket of fresh water launched to my face.

As persons, we progress throughout our lifes, learning from our errors and sometimes getting help from other persons, just for the sake of becoming a better one.

I started December with a big smile on my face because of a really good offer that an HTML5 games developer made for Blast Arena, which basically asked for a good slice of the cake in exchange of both economic and promotion investment.

In order to make this deal possible, I worked really hard to gather all the data this gamedev wanted (basically number of pageviews per day, and sessions per day), for a long span of time (several weeks).

After the initial promotion from and, the game started getting published automatically on hundreds of game portals - for free (which I didn't mind, the game needed to be spreaded around the internet!), so the pageviews and sessions grew up a lot!

The greatest thing I've accomplished with Blast Arena is that the average session lasts 3 minutes AND the returning sessions keep to grow up, 30% of the session base being returning visitors - so I'm being able to build a somewhat solid but small community for the game - considering this is a web game!

Anyways, the deal failed - I guess the numbers weren't as good on the "long run" as he expected, so I lost what could be, potentially, a really good deal which could have helped Blast Arena to spread out faster and become bigger - due to the delay on getting published on more sites, the game has a small community, loyal players, but small nonetheless.

However, publishing offers don't cease to arrive, at a slow pace, but the game is doing good - not a success - but it's going normal.

I also launched a very early build of a new .io game that I'm developing - - which is trying to be an HTML5 War Thunder Clone.

Let's talk about cheating

To start off this section I am going to say that I only know how to make games - I am not a pretty good programmer, at all.

I am learning from my mistakes - especially making Massive Multiplayer Games.

Since I switched to PlayCanvas for my Multiplayer HTML5 Games, my games started to get hacked and cheated on.

This is not anyone else's fault but mine - back in Unity, I used Photon Cloud as the Networking Solution - which handled things on the backend for me so I didn't have to worry.

Well, the servers I coded for Blast Arena were my first ones - and I trusted almost ANY player Input, which leaded to cheats like grabbing powerups even not walking to them, spawning bombs wherever you wanted, and even walking through walls.

This has been a really harsh lesson for me - because I had to constantly monitor the servers and be fixing cheats while I saw they were breaking tons of play sessions.

Cheats also happened, and can still happen on, until I have some time to fix them.

The best thing you can do about this is just making your servers fully authoritative. Because of not wanting to do the effort of coding all the game logic on the server, I just got slapped in the face several times.

Lesson learnt. Don't ever trust your players, because even if most of them are legit, there's people that sees the fun on taking advantage of holes in the system.

Time Management

I worked 93 hours this month. 40 of them were dedicated to Client Projects, and took 14/31 days off.

Other Stuff

The car I bought back in October burnt while I was driving it in the middle of the highway.

This was a bad hit into my economy, the car lasted for only less than 3 months. Fortunately, I am okay.

I am negotiating with the seller and my car's insurance seeking economic compensation (the car had a 1 year guarantee & the insurance had fire claim).

However, I bought a newer car, which should last me a lot longer - or I'll seriously regret it because I'm burning my savings!


The games I develop were played a total of 177,933 times, growing up happily!

177,933 (+128,401)
31 (+9)
405 (+42)

The traffic to my HTML5 Games continue to grow happily!

The statistic could have grown up a lot higher if the deal I was chasing didn't fly away, but I'm proud of what I'm accomplishing by myself!

Income Report

During December 2016 I earned $1,005.19 online. Up $706.54 from last month. I am slowly recovering!

I have realized that I shouldn't stop working on client projects this quickly - I made up a big success out of Blast Arena on my mind, but it has been proven that it's rather a small one which will be reporting a few hundreds monthly. Unless things change.

I also partnered with adinplay - which provides video ads for HTML5 Games! It's reporting to be a really nice partner, as the income grows up easily!

This time, I managed to not lose money and recover what I lost from last month - however, this amount is still very small and I have had to borrow money from my savings for two months in a row. This has to change on January - or things will go badly soon!

My prevision for this month was badly damaged by the suculent offer that I received for Blast Arena. However, I am now facing reality and coming down from the cloud I was in.

The server cost for my Multiplayer games is also big this time because I wanted to prepare Blast Arena to a bigger audience - however, it didn't happen.

I will spend more time on working for clients during January, so I can recover from what I lost from my savings - especially because of my car burning..


I lost a very suculent partnering deal for Blast Arena, damaging my prevision for this month badly.

I, once again, failed to earn my $1,500 minimum mark (after taxes), but I'm working on a higher income in January so I can recover from the last months.

I started developing - which is still in a very early state, and has many glitches.

Happy New Year!

The year has gone by really fast for me, I started doing Income Reports just 5 months ago! And you can already see how unstable my business is nowadays.

I would like to wish a happy new year to everyone, especially my fellow gamedevs, and more especially to my followers! It's been a good year for me, and that's why I'm going to give away $50 to a random person of the mailing list on the 16th of January! So If you're not already subscribed but you like my income reports, you can opt in by subscribing (which is free, by the way).

New Year Resolutions

I love my job, and because of that, I keep beeing ambitious about it, the following is my list of new year resolutions that I want to accomplish during 2017.

- Make a minimum of $40,000.
- Reach 1,000,000 plays on a single game.
- Never break my $1,500 monthly minimum mark (seriously, it feels awful).

What's Next?

I'm going to an event the next weekend where I'll get a stand for Blast Arena, so I will have the chance to see people's reactions to the game live, and listen to their valious feedback.

I am also going to spend more time developing, because I feel like it has had bigger initial reception than Blast Arena.

And of course, continue polishing Blast Arena (it's still in beta!) - and promoting it.

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