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Income Report #6 - January 2017

I publish fully transparent monthly income reports about my self-employed HTML5 Games Development Business.

I write them to motivate myself & others on this big journey, and I also use them to share experiences.

Blogging, and finding your own style

The starting point of this post is actually about being sincere on what I've been doing recently, which directly involves writing these posts.

As you should know, I started this with a base inspiration on TrueValhalla's Income Reports.

Well, as I started writing these off, I mostly copied TrueValhalla's blogging style because I saw the goodness of it, I saw how directly he communicated to his followers and how good of a read his reports are, I wanted people to keep engaged with me the same as I felt reading his posts.

From now on, I will iterate my way of blogging and continue to keep you guys engaged while at the same time respecting TrueValhalla's titanic effort by being unique and different.

Month Review

January was a month focused on getting the best performance out of my HTML5 Game's Ad Revenues.

Ad Revenue can translate directly to passive monthly income, which is money that your games generate while you spend time on other projects, gaming or even while sleeping, it's generating money all the time. Powering your budget indirectly!

Back in August & September, I used to sell my game's IP's - which powered my monthly income, but I had to work harder producing new games on the next month to get the exact same result.

Since then, I decided to no longer sell them. I have come to the conclusion of using simple maths.

If a single HTML5 Game generates $400 Ad Revenue monthly, if you launch two games, it will be $800. It can be even better if you cross-promote them!

I launched a very early build of Sky Arena to test this, which got featured on many big Gaming Portals, and I introduced a big button that would lead the players to an older game of mine, Blast Arena - it was amazing to see how many people migrated there, and how the Ad Revenue grew up, just by cross-promoting!

I also worked a lil' bit on client projects and wasted a huge amount of time on trying to come up with a good idea for my next big HTML5 Multiplayer Game.

Time Management

I worked 79 hours this month. About 60 of them were dedicated to Client Projects, and took almost all of the month off.

Losing money with my ex-car

Let's talk about the car I bought back in October!

If you didn't read last month's income report - the car basically burnt on the highway while I was driving it.

I bought it for $7900, and the insurance only offered $1372! So I am calling all the money on that car lost, we are actually going into court, but I doubt I will win it.

Luckily, all of the lawsuit costs are running on the car seller's side (it is of his interest that my insurance gives me a fair amount of money, because the car had 1 year guarantee, and if the insurance doesn't pay, I will claim all of my money, or a big part of it back from the seller).

However, I expect this to be a long problem that I will hopefully solve (or not at all) in a couple of years - because justice is slow.


This month, the games I develop were played a total of 502,452 times, that is half a million - huge record for me!

502,452 (+324,519)
64 (+33)
438 (+33)

The traffic to my HTML5 Games has basically exploded since last month!

This is because of some really good deals I signed up for with Blast Arena - which involved API Implementation in exchange of huge promotions!

A big part of traffic comes from Sky Arena - which did amazingly well in the state that I left it (I still can't believe that, I would like to improve the game during the following months because it definitely has potential).

Income Report

On January 2017 I earned $1,790.53 online. Up $785.34 from last month. And I am extremely happy that a big portion of it is Ad Revenue! This is fucking good, it means that my passive income is growing up steadily.

This passive income growing is also thanks to an amazing deal with

Also, this was a very great month of exposure due to the little amount of new Multiplayer HTML5 Games that were launched. That kept my games featured for a very long time.

Server Cost is slowing down as I analyze what I need and what I can discard. It will probably be bigger next month due to a new game launch.

I broke my first new year resolution, which was to never break my $1,500 monthly minimum mark (after taxes). Which isn't good, but I think I am doing everything right to keep a steady amount of money monthly, and just by growing that, I should be fine.

I am completely focusing on growing my passive income (Ad Revenue), so I can stop working for client projects (Freelance Work). Being able to dedicate 100% of my time to my own games is the main goal here, and has always been.

Happy New Year Raffle

I still haven't raffled the $50 to a random user of my mailing list, but I will do it in less than 24 hours from this post, and notify the winner on twitter.

Users subscribed after 16th January will not be elegible!

Next Up

On February 2017, I am launching a new game, a fairly big one, and will try to monetize it the best I can, keeping the practice of Cross-Promotion to power up my passive income!

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