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Income Report #7 - February 2017

I publish fully transparent monthly income reports about my self-employed HTML5 Games Development Business.

I write them to motivate myself & others on this big journey, and I also use them to share experiences.

Month Review

February was a very quiet and unsetting month. I had plans of launching a new game this month but I ended up freezing the project halfway into development.

Any game developer, or hell anyone who is or has been an entrepreneur will know that not every idea will result into something good.

With my known experience, I knew that what I was developing was risky and had a very limited target. That fact kept in the back of my mind and slowly killed the project.

You know that I am trying to build a sustainable Game Development business, so it's about making business-minded choices, and I basically decided to produce what the market wants, currently.

So that's why I decided to freeze that big project I was going to launch this month. And began looking for new opportunities. The only key to success is persistency.

Aside of that reflection, I spent some time working for client projects. And seeing what other opportunities would come up, at this point just considering offers.

Time Management

I worked 102 hours this month. About 90 of them were dedicated to Client Projects.

The opportunity, and plans for the near future

Someone came up with a good mentality to me, wanting to make potentially sucessful games for the HTML5 Multiplayer Games market.

This person is @postfu, and I decided to partner with him because of the conditions we agreed into and because of his mentality.

We're going to bring simple to play, addictive multiplayer games, this kind of games are the most played HTML5 multiplayer games worldwide and we're going to take a slice of the pie.

We're not going to limit to HTML5 tho, the plan is to try luck on porting the games into Android/iOS too. Multiplatform multiplayer! Ain't that cool?

You will hear news about us soon enough as we release the first game, which I'm having tons of fun developing. It's a multiplayer game on which its core mechanics are physics-based.


This month, the games I develop were played a total of 311,129 times, loosing a big part of traffic since last month.

311,129 (-191,323)
74 (+10)
476 (+38)

The huge spike of traffic to my HTML5 Games is gone now.

This is due to game portals no longer featuring my games, and they going down of the lists.

For example, the popularity of has spiked down, this caused the stats to go down (a lot). It currently brings less players than - which is pretty understandable, from a technical point of view, is far more polished than skyarena, and also has more joy of playing. This was always reflected also on the average session durations.

However, has a growing stable community since the day it was released. I am pretty happy with it, and makes me think it could be worth it to place in more features into the game, just to make the average session duration grow up.

Income Report

On February 2017 I earned $1,513.53 online. Down $276.71 from last month. Ad revenue has gone down because of the lost of skyarena's traffic and interest. currently generates more revenue!

I had to work a lot for clients to cover up the loss.

Server cost remained the same this month, while it's going to go down by a small amount on next month. This is because of shutting down a server for (region server which was inactive all day).

My self-employment fee did go up since this month, and it will be like this for the following 6 months if I'm correct. After that, my country is going to make me pay around $260 monthly, just to be able to work..

I seriously feel like going to live to another country soon, if I can find any in which entrepreneurs are treated well and living isn't too expensive.

However, this all depends on how my journey evolves towards the summer!

Next Up

On March, postfu and I might launch our first game together. I am pretty sure that it will do well since day one, it is a game which has felt fun since the first week of development.

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