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Income Report #8 - March 2017

I publish fully transparent monthly income reports about my self-employed HTML5 Games Development Business.

I write them to motivate myself & others on this big journey, and I also use them to share experiences.

Month Review

March has been a really busy month, almost fully focused on the game I'm making with @postfu.

We're soon going to have a release candidate and we are very excited about it. It's also been a specially busy month for me because of the network engineering that is going on behind that game!

Since the game is a completely physics-powered multiplayer madness, it requires a fully authoritative game server that runs absolutely all the logic, and it was my first time developing such a big server structure!

At this point, the client is just a tiny thing in comparison, and only renders the data that the game servers send smoothly enough. (finally doing networking right)

After all this experience I think I will write my first tutorial series which will be focused on that, building a fully authoritative game server with the PlayCanvas Engine.

However, it's been a month where I've been very comfortable in. Working in a funded project brings up a lot of security in my economy, and I like that. So let's make big bucks with this and hopefully the funding can continue on going!

Time Management

I worked 181 hours this month. Fully dedicated to own projects! I feel good again knowing that I have stopped Freelancing.

Maintaining Multiplayer Games

So it's been about 4 months since I started building my own game servers and maintaining them, and I'm doing very badly on this.

The initial problem with this is that I haven't wanted to dedicate time to now old projects like and, and thus their servers can be crashing and I won't even notice after many hours.

This month a new problem that I still haven't triggered appeared all of a sudden with's Gateway Server.

The Gateway Server handles all of the authentication stuff for the players, has a database etc, and also keeps track of the regional game servers, which for some reason, US ones have been unreachable for days.

This is a big problem, because all of my player base is now playing on a single European Server, no matter where you are located in the world, so if you're not from Europe, you're going to have a bad time with latency issues.

So yes, maintaining Multiplayer Games for a lifetime appears to be difficult and challenging. But that's one of its beauties too.


This month, the games I develop were played a total of 283,288 times, so my traffic is still going down as expected - no new game launches, no more traffic. There are some spikes here and there tho, especially on weekends.

283,288 (-27,841)
75 (+1)
503 (+27)
FOLLOWERS is still doing good, considering I'm not even dedicating 2h a month on it. It has spikes of +200 players online! That's great. Average is around 60. on the other side, VERY EXPECTED, is dying a slow death. With less people playing each month, and revenue also going down.

However, on April we're launching the funded project, and I will separately be launching an extra game, the comeback of my old game which was sold, but I recovered the name!

Income Report

On March 2017 I earned $3,262.88 online. Up $1,749.35 from last month.

This marks my highest income in a single month to date, topped up last year's August income of $3,063!

Revenue has come up because of the funded project. Ad revenue of my old games has grown up a tad! (mostly due to RPM increase)

Apart from online revenue, I also recovered part of what I lost with my ex-car when it burnt! So thanks to the car insurance I got that finally paid me back. Didn't recover everything tho, but something's something. And this was a very recovering month.

So far, it's been a great month financially speaking, mostly thanks to the funded project. I'm very excited to see how it will turn out and how will players receive it starting next month! We're dedicating a lot of time on ensuring that players get the best possible experience.

Spain's Taxes continue to hurt badly, god I wish they were lower. Every other cost has basically stayed the same. Next month the server costs will be growing up a bit introducing the new!

Next Up

On April, we'll launch the funded project, and is coming back! It sure is an exciting month ahead, and I hope to be carrying more useful information about how my business reacts to these two new games!

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